Rattan Cube Furniture and the Possibilities

When you look for a nice outdoor garden furniture dining set, you initially think of a classic dining set which has a nice table with a specific amount of chairs to match the size of the table. Generally, these kind of dining furniture sets are perfectly fine but they can become a bit of a hindrance when not in use and they just tune into a dumping ground for other random items such as the kinds toys or magazines and the like. You also have to move the chairs around when not in use or if you want to grab something off of the table.

This is where the Rattan Cube Furniture comes into play. The Cube Furniture is not really a new design, but it has taken off within the Rattan Garden Furniture community as it looks fantastic and it is much more practical than the classic styled dining sets.

The Rattan Cube Furniture mainly comes in two arrangements. It either comes with sofa’s or it comes with chairs (Some of the larger sets may have a combination of both). Both types come with their own set of pro’s and con’s.

If you were to choose a Rattan Cube Furniture set that has the sofas then you have more seating options available. For example, when you have finished dining or if you aren’t looking to dine, then you can pull the sofas away and have yourself a Rattan Sofa Set instead. Also with many of these Rattan Sofa Cube Sets, you will get some small pieces of glass to turn the footstools into small coffee tables. So this combination is very versatile and has more configurations than other types of furniture.

However, one downside to the Rattan Sofa Cube set is that when you are dining, it can be a bit awkward dining on the sofas with two or more people sitting on them. When one person wants to get up, everyone on the sofa has to get up which can be disturbing while dining. Most people can live with this little issue as you get so much more with this kind of furniture set.

Moving onto the chair versions, there isn’t much to say about them to be honest. They usually come with chairs and footstools. Like the sofa versions, there is nothing to stop you from pulling the chairs away and making another seating area, but it is not the same as having sofas to mingle on.

With the larger cube sets, some companies offer a combination of sofas and chairs which makes the larger Rattan Cube Furniture Sets even more versatile.

Either way, the Rattan Cubed Furniture when not in use will neatly tuck away into itself and form a nice compact cube shape. It looks more appealing and is easier to cover up and store during winter periods.