Bark, Bark, Bark – Gardener’s Question Time

It is never too late to be thinking about new improvements to your garden’s layout, the ornamentals regime you’d like to see in the gardening year ahead and the need to ensure that those annual problems of weeding, watering and plant insulation are being dealt with – and that is why garden bark can be such an important part of the gardener’s armoury and could provide the answers to the questions that any gardener worth their salt should be asking.

Of course, it is always hard to get everything right from the start of the gardening year, but with so much to be getting on with and so much to remember, it can be hard to coordinate everything at once. Garden bark could be the answer however, and it can make for a quick and easy way to combat certain gardening problems.

Bark is excellent at keeping weeds down, because when laid to a sufficient depth, it prevents light getting to the seeds of weeds, which, like all plants, rely heavily on light to begin growing. By laying bark on a garden bed, the weeding problem can be kept to a bare minimum and because bark provides such a uniform appearance, it can be easy to spot the first signs of weeds poking through; these can be easily removed with very little effort.

Garden bark is also an excellent way to make sure that plants have enough moisture and retain watering when it’s carried out. Watering again is one of those tasks which during the very hot months of the year, can take up a lot of time, and a lot of resource. During what appears to be an increase in extremes of temperature and with official droughts and hosepipe bans being declared, anything that can be added to a garden to prevent unnecessary run-off of water from the soil can only be a good thing.

Garden bark is one of the most effective methods of preventing plant roots from damage during weather extremes also, giving excellent insulation properties against very hot and very cold weather.

So, when gardener’s question time comes round again, and you’re considering what to do in your garden, it makes sense to think “bark, bark, bark” – once tried, it will be difficult to understand why you never thought of using garden bark before.